Sunday, November 27, 2005

Bedtime Benediction

May the nightbirds bless you with their tongues,

The whipporwhill to sigh upon you

And the night hawk to whisper to you.

May the owls keep your watch,

     As you close your bright eyes.

May the river wash your weary soul,

And carry you softly home.

May the mountain keep you in its shadow

And surround you with its long arms

     And give you tender hugs.

May the angel armies encamp about you,

And watch in all directions.

May you see their dimly lit campfires,

And hear their happy angel songs

     That drive away your fear.

May Venus and Jupiter keep watch upon you,

And the starry hosts smile above your head.

May the Milky Way sing your lullaby,

As you lay your head upon the clouds

     And dream sweet dreams.

May those dreams be sweet and pure,

Of good and soft and gentle things.

May you make many friends there

And remember them all when you awake.

     May they all come true tomorrow.

May the Lord bless you and keep you,

And make His face to shine upon you.

And be gracious to you.

May He lift up His countenance upon you,

     And give you peace.

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