Saturday, July 29, 2006


If you ask Google about "Pottersdale, PA",
You'll see results one to ten of
Eighty one thousand.

He'll tell you about the local talent scene,
Find singles, or a roommate,
Or check the weather.
Ballroom dancing lessons,
Hotel rooms and lawyers,
New car dealerships and
Web design.

Google does not know,
That Pottersdale has only twenty year-round residents,
And its only operating business
Is Pete's Excavating, Logging,
Scrap Metal, Small Engine Repair,
And Salvage.

No one told him
That Pottersdale has no restaurants,
Or post office, or store.
That there is only one blacktop road,
And only three permanently constructed homes.

Google has no knowledge about strip mines,
Or mobile homes.
He knows nothing of township roads,
Or endless rows of neatly lined
Pine trees.

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