Saturday, March 03, 2007

The Secret Places of Sinnemahoning

From Pete Bennett's homepage, The Secret Places of Sinnemahoning:

Another place that mystified me was “Turtle Rock”. Now you may think I have rocks somewhere up there, but there is a large rock that is located up in Grove Run that has a large turtle carved upon it. Now you’ll forget the rocks you think I have, when I tell you that the international sign for buried treasure is a turtle carved on a rock. Every treasure hunter such as myself knows that! It is said that the head of the turtle was supposed to point to the treasure. Well, I’ll tell you one thing right now, it’s not pointing at the gold bars buried in Hicks Run! Darn thing faces the wrong way! Looks to me like it might be pointing at Kentucky. Fort Knox, KY maybe!

Sticking with the rocks, there is a place up in Ellicotts Run that’s known as “Visal’s Cave”. Ever heard of it? Well, this one takes a lot of imagination too. It’s said that back in the olden days there was a hermit, named Visal who, had a long beard and lived in the cave which was located between two large rocks up there. He only was seen occasionally, out gathering food and water. Now! Try your imagination out again and imagine why old Visal wasn’t seen too often was because he slept a lot. I’m telling you, I’ve seen this cave! I’ve been there. It seemed we all started seeing him after we read that book, “The Legend of Sleepy Hollow”. Now that I’ve said that your not going to believe there’s really a place called Visal’s Cave. Right? All I can say is to ask anyone who’s lived or lives there. Go ahead, ask me!

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