Sunday, August 09, 2009

The Great GRPC Camping Excursion

Here's a few photos from the great GRPC camping excursion of 2009 at Sinnemahoning State Park.

This is George B. Stevenson Lake at Sinnemahoning State Park on the First Fork of the Sinnemahoning Creek. If you look closely, you can see the Winklers and Udes waiting for me while I took pictures from the wrong meeting place.

Before we made camp, we went up to Mason Hill, a PGC clear cut on the top of the mountain. Our vehicles made the top of the narrow mountain pass with only a small amount of steam and smoke. This is the view over Driftwood to the east.

Here's the first of many educational opportunities we took advantage of during the weekend. This is Kevin Ude teaching the art of shooting clovers. His students displayed remarkable aptitude.

We did hot dogs and veggies on the fire for dinner. Very tasty.

Pastor Charles talked about his mountain pies for about two hours prior to obtaining one. His comment here: "I would really like to share, but its MINE".

Here's Don Kark putting the "C" in the PCA.

A fine looking pot of tea for breakfast. Alice made it after giving us coffee to "put hair on our chests".

It was really a fine weekend- gorgeous weather and great times. We're already planning on it again next year!

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