Saturday, January 22, 2005


Doug Wilson has me thinking again. Imagine that. On his blog (at, he has some quotes from one of his books about how creeds are inescapable. That got me thinking, so I decided to post a few phrases from my own personal creed for further rumination.

I believe that God is at heart a storyteller, and that He loves suspense, plot twists and happy endings. I believe that He likes the way He has made us including our romance and habits and recreation and work. I believe that He is making the world better. I believe that He loves the material as well as the spiritual, or probably that He doesn't even notice the difference. I believe that He loves His people together as well as individually, thinking of their children as His own. I believe that He hasn't changed. Ever. I believe that He has known what He is doing from the beginning. I believe that He knows what He's doing even now.

And I believe that many other Christians do not believe some of these things, or else we wouldn't disagree about so much.

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